Saturday, April 16, 2022

Kickstarter - HST.3.33, a Third-Party CY_BORG Musical Interlude (Phil Reed)

Phil Reed is the master of the One Dollar Kickstarter. It's not a level where you "kick in to support" but a level where you get all of the goods in digital format. It is really something special to see.

This time, Phil is offering both an MP# file and a PDF adventure for a buck (but you can back at a higher level to get physical copies of both).

The HST.3.33, a Third-Party CY_BORG Musical Interlude Kickstarter is Phil's latest offering.

The 22.08" x 10.48" double-sided pocket map ($12 reward) featuring game content, and the lathe-cut record ($36, $50, and $62 rewards) are both exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign and will not be offered in this form again. We may release the game and music content in other physical formats in the future, but they will not appear again in the versions introduced through this project.

The digital edition -- both game content and music -- will be released as free downloads if this campaign is successfully funded.

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