Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Indiegogo - Shepherd’s Bane: An adventure for 5e and OSR games (OSR & 5e)

The moon is full! Can you protect the villagers from the teeth and claws of the Shepherd’s Bane?

Alright, here's the part where I pull back the Veil of Secrecy! Or not, as I don't think that what follows is a secret, but it does bear repeating. Necromancer Games is a publishing house wholely owned by Frog God Games. Frog God Games published Swords & Wizardry Light, written by myself with assists from James Spahn and Zach Glazar, and granted me permission to publish the expanded rules for SWL, Swords & Wizardry Continual Light (soon to be re-released in digest size as simply Continual Light). For a number of years, Rach and I helped run the Frog God Games table at various conventions. Oh, and I consider Pete Spahn a friend. Also, Tenkar's Tavern (as well as a version of one of its iconic banners) graced the contents of one of Pete's Amherth fantasy setting books under his Small Niche Games? Did I mention that Pete does some really strong old-school releases? He does! :)

So, where does that leave us? Oh yeah, that's right, Shepherd’s Bane: An adventure for 5e and OSR games is currently funding on Indiegogo. Written by Pete Spahn and published by Necromancer Games, it potentially has "conflict of interest" written all over this page. Except for the above paragraph, of course ;) 

Shepherd’s Bane is a freeform adventure that is centered around on the village of Harroch, which lies in the bleak hills and bogs of Sterling Moor. Dark forces beset the village. The trouble started with the arrival of a group of wandering entertainers known as the Calatoré, one of whom was a werewolf. A fight occurred and the werewolf was driven off, but not before it infected the village priest and the many of the villagers with its disease. The village’s women and children know that something is wrong with their sons and husbands, but they believe they are just overwhelmed by the search for the werewolf that still prowls the moors.

Shepherd’s Bane, available in both 5e and OSR for characters of levels 1st to 3rd, takes our heroes from the fog shrouded Sterling Moor into the village of Harroch as they face off against a danger that stalks the night and takes the unwary or unlucky.

Shepard's Bane is 10 bucks in PDF, 22 bucks for the PDF plus print.

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