Tuesday, January 18, 2022

State of the Tavern Keeper - Not Yet Clear of the Long Term Covid and Plans for The Tavern in 2022

For those following along at home, I've still got some lingering effects from COVID/Omicron. I'm sleeping a good 10 to 11 hours a day and I'm still combating brain fog. I'm quite grateful that I'm retired and I do not have to make any life or death decisions. My biggest one these days is "cook breakfast or pour a bowl of cereal". That one gets decided upon how late I stay in bed ;)

Seriously, the lethargy and brain fog are the real issues for me. Sinuses, congestion, and the like were less than prior colds.

I'm still far behind on OSR Christmas emails and matching up gifts. There are many moving parts and matching folks up involved in such, and just as I'm glad I'm not going to the range to qualify with my firearms in this state of mind. I've been avoiding said emails until my brain is just a bit more clear. Maybe I'll try to megadose on caffeine tomorrow morning. If nothing else, it will be tasty :)

As I've mentioned prior, I plan on returning to doing gaming reviews in 2022. These will not be technical reviews. They will not be scored with a point system. I'm leaning towards a Thumbs Down, Closed Fist, and Thumbs Up, but it's going to be based upon my reaction to the product in question. Nearly all such reviews will be products I paid for with monies Taverners have raised for the cause using The Tavern's affiliate links. I'll reveal any and all connections I may have to those involved in the product being reviewed and will be as transparent as I can be because it is what you deserve.

I also promise to NOT use my soapbox for any political or social issues. It isn't why you read this site, nor why others watch the youtube channel. If you are one of those that feel that I'm doing a disservice by NOT using my influence in such a manner, you can fuck off now, before you get truly upset :)

Gee, a few glasses of wine and some brain fog, and it's almost like a truth serum. LOL.

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  1. Sorry to hear this is lingering past the base symptoms man :(. How is Rachel doing? Same or no fog?

    Feel better

    1. she is sleeping later than me, but no brain fog

  2. Take your time and get your health back. We're not going anywhere. :)

  3. Are you sure the brain fog isn't the result of the wine and not "in conjunction with . . . "?

    Glad to hear you're on the mend.

    And thanks for avoiding the Stuff That Shall Not Be Mentioned. I get enough of that crap in the regular world.

    1. Oh, the wine isn't helping. Nor is it hurting ;)

  4. I hope you both feel better soon.


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