Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Kickstarter - Batteries Low, Getting Dark - a Post-apocalyptic Adventure

A low- to mid-level adventure for your favorite post-apocalyptic setting.

I've always been a fan of Gamma World. It's the first RPG I bought after getting my AD&D 1e Core books back in the day. I was very confused about how Hit Points worked in Gamma World.

Now, I am NOT saying that the Batteries Low, Getting Dark - a Post-apocalyptic Adventure Kickstarter is written for Gamma World. What I AM saying, is that from all appearances, it should work with Gamma World 1e without a hitch. As always, YMMV ;)

This adventure was play-tested at the North Texas RPG Con in 2019 using the first edition of the Gamma World system. The stat blocks of Batteries Low, Getting Dark will be suitable for the play-tested system, or can easily be modified for other systems of similar genres. 

100% of the adventure is written. All maps and art have been completed. At the time of project launch, the work is midway through editing. My hope is that before the project ends, the book will be in or through layout.

The B&W, digest-sized, perfect bound book will be between 32 and 40 pages in length. The adventure features 40 plus encounter areas in total.

Unlike other adventures written by ThrowiGames for this genre, the book's layout will be built around the custom artwork of several artists. Each piece is at least half a page in size, and has been created exclusively for this adventure. 

Count me in. Heck, I backed this yesterday :) 

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