Thursday, December 9, 2021

Why is TSR3 Filing Suit over Trademarks it has Already Abandoned or Surrendered?

I'll be short and simply include a bunch of links.

In less than 2 weeks, Star Frontiers will be an abandoned trademark, for failure to submit a Statement of Use:


The Wizard logo? Surrendered 9/7/2021:


Dragon Medallion? Abandoned 7/28/21:


The Game Wizards? Cancelation Pending 12/07/21


Blackmoor? Abandoned 8/18/21


TSR as the OSR Logo many of us know? Surrendered 9/7/21


Classic Lizardman Logo? Registered, but not the Greg Bell version. This was redrawn by Jeff Dee


Strangely enough, the actual letters "TSR" weren't filed until 8/19/21. Oversight or plain stupidity, I simply don't know.


So, what's the angle TSR3 is working with this legal action? Are they hoping the court will give them the rights to trademarks they've already abandoned? Was this a preemptive action to prevent a filing by WotC? Is this simply a money grab?

Can a Trademark lawyer explain WTF is actually going on? Why defend trademarks you've already abandoned or surrendered?

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  1. desperate cry for attention to grift via indigogo is my guess.

  2. I'm totally confused by these actions by the new TSR .

    As for the Gygax memorial, take the money Paul Stromberg it comes from gamers.

    1. Paul apparently has some integrity, and doesn't want to be involved with raising money for for TSR3. The fact that the GMF was never consulted says more than it should.

  3. "Oversight or plain stupidity, I simply don't know."

    I vote stupidity, but it's definitely masterclass stupidity, not the plain variety.

  4. I would guess they want to "unabandon" them, with the idea of putting them to use for either merchandising, reprinting old products or making new products and being able to use the old logos on them...

    1. they have no products to reprint, as they don't own an of the 'old TSR" IP

  5. It does sound like rabble rousing and playing on the name, with no substance to speak of.


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