Wednesday, October 20, 2021

TSR Con 2022 is Now the Same Weekend as Gary Con - March 24-27, 2022

Late this afternoon, the above convention flyer was shared by TSR CON on the TSR CON Facebook page (and elsewhere on Facebook).

Note, the venue is no longer Horticultural Hall but the Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum. This should lower expenses for the convention itself, as LaNassa owns the Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum. It is unclear how much attendance will cost and the maximum occupancy of the venue is not currently stated.

Also note, the timing is no longer the 4th of July weekend (July 1-3, 2022) but the same weekend as Gary Con (March 24-27, 2022). The timing is NOT coincidental and appears to be an attempt to piggyback off of Gary Con and the convention attendees. 

I've heard rumors from multiple sources that LaNassa was attempting to get paid by Gary Con for the use of the Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum and was rebuffed. I've also heard that the Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum had requested that Gary Con provide free shuttle service from Gary Con to the museum and the museum was rebuffed.

As an observation, this is the first time in my recollection that a gaming convention has announced dates and a venue location to coincide with an established convention.

For reference, the original flyer with the original date is still available on the TSR CON Facebook page. It is reproduced here for ease of reference.

It appears TSR CON has gained a sponsor (Smugglers Coffee). Now, only three out of five sponsors are entities owned by Justin LaNassa.

Note, Smugglers Coffee has a website and it appears gamers are behind the brand. I'm not a coffee drinker, but maybe you are. If so, here's the link for Smugglers Coffee.

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  1. Just guessing, but I'm thinking that he thinks enough people will think to themselves, "I'm in town anyway for GaryCon, maybe I'll just swing by the Hobby Shop Museum for a couple of hours" and then he can rope them into paying an entry fee for his con.

  2. I'd cast Detect Traps on anything associated with LaNassa.

  3. "As an observation, this is the first time in my recollection that a gaming convention has announced dates and a venue location to coincide with an established convention."

    Maybe for you, but in my part of the world there was almost a decade of contention about which event had "dibs" on a key holiday weekend and certain traditional venues. There were at least a couple of years where there were two simultaneous cons within an hour's drive of each other, and once we had two game cons, a scifi con with gaming at it, and a store running its own event. They were all small affairs (the best local con peaked at about 800 people way back before this sort of thing started happening) but the people running them were ready to kill each other over "their" weekend. At least one year saw considerable effort put into sabotaging efforts to reserve a specific hotel site that had "belonged" to the oldest of the cons. People are rotten.

    This TSR/Gary Con sounds like someone (possibly everyone) is being awful, but they aren't doing anything original in my experience.

  4. The guys at Smugglers Coffe are great. It is a shame they are getting dragged into LaNasa’s ass-hattery

  5. Smuggler's Coffee (pre a conversation I just had with the owner on Facebook) are NOT sponsors. They were asked to be a vendor, but declined; they'll only be at GaryCon.

    1. They are not listed as a vendor on the Garycon website



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