Monday, August 30, 2021

Humble Bundle - Audio Drama Bundle - Fantasy and Science Fiction

Back in the Way Back, before retirement, when I had a daily commute of 30-45 minutes in each direction, I found myself listening to podcasts and audiobooks / audio dramas. It kept me from listening to the oh-so-many commercials on terrestrial radio, and it kept me clueless to the events of the day, allowing me to commute in blissful peace. 

I'm retired now, and my commute is from bed to my desk and back again, so I don't listen to nearly as many podcasts or audiobooks / audio dramas as I used to, but I always find the theatre of the mind's eye to be more vivid than any movie or even a binge-worthy on-demand series. 

The Audio Drama Bundle - Fantasy and Science Fiction, currently being offered on Humble Bundle would have been my commuting delight. 22 audio dramas for 18 bucks, or get 3 for as little as a buck. 

I'm in for the full boat at 18, because even if I no longer have commutes, I do have dog walks, and escapism isn't limited to the driver's seat ;)

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