Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Kickstarter: Next Level Miniatures: Dragon's Hoard Miniatures Vol. 1

Not to be the one that is a negative ninny, but miniatures and Frog God Games do not go well together. Not due to any fault of Frog God Games, mind you, just a general statement based on past experience.

One should also note that I swim in the Frog God Pond, and wrote Swords & Wizardry Light for the Frogs. The simple truth, for good or ill.

Next Level Miniatures has launched a licensed Kickstarter to release miniatures from the Rappan Athuk IP of Frog God Games: Next Level Miniatures: Dragon's Hoard Miniatures Vol. 1

I'd love to copy and paste the details, but the Kickstarter as presented does not allow such, thus I give you the following screenshot: 

40 bucks get you 30 minis plus the unlocked stretch goals. Not a bad deal.

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  1. What do we know about this company? The only name on the KS is Mike Boseak, and I can't find any business background in miniatures. I'm also scratching my head about bendable resin miniatures (resin is actually a wide range of materials, but most hobby miniatures are made of resin that's more brittle than plastic) and their FB says they make custom plastic miniatures. Of course, as someone who's backed Reaper Bones I-IV (not that I've painted all of them), I need 100 more generic fantasy miniatures like I need a hole in my wallet... :P


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