Saturday, June 5, 2021

NTRPG Con Day 3 - Predators, Football, Auctions and the Devil

Dear Diary.

Today I played in a Star Wars RPG session run by James Shields. My Fallen Jedi assisted in taking down a Predator. It was a blast!

I followed that with a playtest session of Ty Beard's Football Game. It was not a simulation but was a gamified recreation of a football dynasty. It was a blast to play and I hope to see it come out commercially.

After building my failed football dynasty, I was privileged to be a part of the NTRPG Con Auction. Jim Kitchen was, by far, the best auctioneer I've seen at any convention. I was laughing constantly, learned much and thankfully was not parted from any of my money.

We followed that with an excursion for BBQ. Huge thanks to Jason S and Glen Halstrom. Rach and I were stuffed like Carne pinatas. Happy pinatas.

At midnite, the Midnite Auction will kick-off. God help us all...


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