Monday, March 15, 2021

Playing with Dungeon Builder - Isometric Mapping Program

I was shown the magic of Dungeon Builder yesterday by Thaddeus and I was blown away by the sample map I was shown. So, I downloaded the free demo and  I put together The Dungeon Privy shown above in less than half an hour. That included time to learn the basics of the program.

This morning I tried my hands at the demo again, this time for an outdoor map, and again I was extremely impressed with the results. Again, the map was completed in about half an hour.

The demo is free. The full app without a commercial license is 59 euros. Commercial license prices depend on whether you want to give attribution to Dungeon Builder and how large your company is in terms of yearly revenue. They start at 199 euros.

I put in for a commercial license. Expect to see me working on my Dungeon Builder skills in the next few weeks.

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