Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Kickstarter - Dungeon Dangers & Devices (Stock Art)

I'm a huge fan of stock art. Not just for smaller publishers, which I am on occasion, but as a blogger. A good piece of art can inspire a whole post, and knowing you have legal rights to use such art somehow makes the creative juices flow even more, or so it seems to me.

James Sheilds has a very large and very deep catalogue of stock art. The pieces are great, at a minimum, and some reach the level of "Awesome", such as the art I used for the cover of Swords & Wizardry Continual Light. As my niece, Shannon (age 6 at the time) told my wife Rach when she saw the proof copy for the first time: "This art SELLS Auntie!" There can be no greater endorsement. ;)

James just Kickstarted Dungeon Dangers & Devices, Stock Illustrations of Fantasy Traps and Tricks. 10 illustrations for 25 bucks or 25 illustrations for 50 bucks (all B&W) Color is a stretch goal and available at a higher backing point. I'm currently in for 50 :)

This project will be a collection of twenty-five illustrations of various dangers and devices that one might find within the depths of a fantasy dungeon. They will be in A5 format (5.8 x 8.3 inches) and will initially be in black and white.

In my opinion, the licensing terms are extremely fair:

All illustrations may be used for personal and commercial projects.

          The following apply to any commercial use:

  • May be cropped, flipped, or colored.
  • Signature mark should be included in the final composition.
  • Signature mark must remain in its original orientation.
  • Must credit 'Jeshields' for any use.
  • May be used indefinitely.
  • May NOT be used in products sold primarily for artistic value.
  •            (Stock art, tokens, posters, etc)
  • May NOT be used in works overtly deemed racist, sexist, or sexually explicit.

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1 comment:

  1. I love the concept although this particular offering does not fit my needs. That said, when this artist ventures into the "Ruined Moathouse, Forbidding Wilderland and Ominous Cave-mouth" (essentially the Big Start of most adventures in varied portrayals) I will figure out what a Kickstarter is and put my wallet where my mouth is. Pen is? No, wait. You can't say that. Now I'm going to get sued. Again.

    Fantastic idea. Shadowed Forest. Murky Jungle. A picture is worth a thousand random encounters.


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