Thursday, December 10, 2020

A WTF Kickstarter - More Gaming! The 2020 Upside Sticker for Roleplaying Gamers (Yay COVID-19!)

I kid you the fuck not. The More Gaming! The 2020 Upside Sticker for Roleplaying Gamers Kickstarter is subtitled: A souvenir sticker to celebrate all the virtual RPG gaming that happened in 2020.

Tone deaf?


A slimy attempt to cash in on the pandemic?

Simply pretty shit perhaps...

The fact that the sticker is ugly as sin doesn't earn it any points either.

94 bucks raised of a $500 goal with a week left. (only $50 is currently reflected in the pledges placed.)

Three 3"x3" stickers for 5 bucks. Wait, 7 bucks if you include shipping.

This won't fund, as well it shouldn't.

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