Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Humble RPG Book Bundle - Pathfinder Monster Lore by Paizo

Now I'm sure some of The Tavern's readers are going "why the F should I care about Pathfinder monster books?" Truth is, you shouldn't, except as a resource to tweak out your monster library for your OSR games. Converting from Pathfinder to the OSR is as simple as removing 90% of the crunch but keeping the flavor, and these books will ooze with flavor. 

They are a bargain for ANY DM of any OSR game. Less so for 5e DMs, but I'm sure there is inspiration to be found for all. Oh, ad if you DO play Pathfinder 1e, the Humble RPG Book Bundle - Pathfinder Monster Lore is a goldmine :)

29 books for 18 bucks - that a lot of inspiration!

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