Monday, November 23, 2020

Kickstarter - The Bats of Saint Abbans - An OSR Adventure (Swords & Wizardry)

Glynn Seal / Monkeyblood Designs is quite simply one of my favorite creators of setting material and adventures in the OSR. Period. He has never, in my experience, released anything that was less than excellent in quality. I expect nothing less from his latest Kickstarter - The Bats of Saint Abbans

Set in the Midderlands (but usable in pretty much any OSR setting) The Bats of Saint Abbans is a low-level adventure written for Swords & Wizardry (but suitable for any OSR system of your choice).

The adventure contains:

  • Details about the town of Saint Abbans, some of its useful NPCs, the Abbess and the monks that reside at the abbey-cathedral.
  • A random generator for creating additional abbey monks.
  • Adventure Flow and NPC Relationship charts.
  • Details of the abbey locations.
  • 4x Handouts, 15x pages worth of maps
  • Appendices of Ecclesiastical Time and all the encounters that could happen during those times.
  • New class, spells, and items. 8 New creatures, including a Church Bat Generator.
  • NPC and Creature quick reference tables, NPC Gallery
  • Books 1 to 3 are fully indexed. Play Notes

Seven bucks for the PDF version, 20 for at-cost POD with PDFs, and 40 bucks for Special Edition print with PDFs. Note, the cost for physical copies does not include shipping.  

I'm in at 40. Glynn, take my money bro! :)

You can use the links above to visit the Kickstsarter page are the link here: https://tenkars-tavern.games/SaintAbbans

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