Monday, November 16, 2020

Amazing Adventures $10 Hardcover Book Sale (Castles & Crusades SIEGE Engine)

When I found myself returning to gaming back in 2006 or so, my return to D&D and my pathway to the OSR was via Castles & Crusades. I have a certain fondness for the SIEGE Engine and have been intrigued by Amazing Adventures since its release, but never got around to pulling the trigger on physical copies.

That has changed today. I got the Amazing Adventures Bundle. Woot!

You can take your fantasy character directly from the fantasy table and plunge them into the many worlds of Amazing Adventure and vice versa!

Ten Dollar Hardcovers are back -- this week only -- for Amazing Adventures! Get the Core Book, the Manual of Monsters, the Companion Book, all for only $10 each.

Or save even more and get the Amazing Adventures Bundle which gets you the three books above and also includes the adventure Ashton & The Augments!

Good times!

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