Saturday, November 21, 2020

Humble RPG Bundle - Cyberpunk by R. Talsorian Games

Ah, Cyberpunk was THE GAME in my earlier journey through the gaming hobby. The one you owned, and read, and then read all the cyberpunk related fiction, and then in my case, succumbed to the realization that no matter what campaign you ran, it would never reach the expectations you set for yourself.

But damn, the setting was magical and concepts overflowed into other RPGs we did play, and Cyberpunk was always there as a reference.

Now, with the Cyberpunk by R. Talsorian Games Humble RPG Bundle, I can fill that collection I failed to fill in my earlier years and see where the setting is going now. The sweet point is probably at 8 bucks for those new to the system, but I'm in for the full 15 bucks. I want it all :)

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