Thursday, July 2, 2020

Kickstarter - Metallic Tome: A Sourcebook for OSR Games

Metallic Tome is a sourcebook for old-school role-playing games; it's inspired by heavy metal music.

Rafael Chandler embodies the spirit of the OSR like few others. I'm thrilled the headbanger has returned to his gaming and musical roots with the Metallic Tome Kickstarter. And to think there are only 3 days left to back it! As little as 10 bucks for the PDF.
Everything that metal bands warned us about in the Eighties has come to pass: 
Pollution chokes our seas, nuclear war has destroyed our cities, and worst of all, guitars are illegal. The fanatical evangelists who run our planet created an army of robotic drones who police us with cyber-technology. Conformity is the law! Surveillance satellites monitor our every move. With no one to stop them, corporations have run wild, developing grotesque mutations that walk the streets, preying upon unsuspecting humans. 
There is only one thing that can save us: METAL. 
As radioactive pegasi soar through blood-red skies, adventurers seek glory in the Suburban Wastes and the Grim Northern Forests. Cyborg dragons bellow on top of shopping malls, and the sky is full of laser pentagrams.


  1. Backed for a while now. Looks fun!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, and I appreciate you getting the word out, Tenkar!


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