Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Addressing Accusations Made by Gail Gygax about your Humble Bartender during her Latest Rants

Sadly, today Gail Gygax went off the rails in regards to the Will Luke Gygax recently filed in a Wisconsin Court. Apparently, Gail never filed a will when Gary passed (this was surprising) and Gail is lashing out to defend her source of income - selling Gary’s gaming collection.

In the midst of her often disjointed comments and accusations made about Luke Gygax and his siblings on Facebook yesterday, she laid the following at my feet:

and then this as a follow up:

As I’ve stated in the past, I joked that Gail would trademark the “C” word if she could. This was in reference to Gail trademarking “Gygax” and filing a legal action against the “new” TSR for publishing their gaming magazine under the Gygax name.

I never threatened to throw bricks at Gail during Garycon or at any other time. I am quite sure I made jokes about Gail and her infamous bricks (a bad joke about burning rubber bricks was one of them) that she has been threatening to sell for years - Paul Stromberg will apparently be selling bricks for the Gygax Memorial. I won’t be holding my breath.

I've never been invited to, attended, or paid to attend a VIP dinner or anything similar, at Gary Con or any other convention for that matter. I never gave or paid Gary Con, Luke, or any other Gygax family member or convention staff member $1,000. Hell, Luke and I have never conversed in person.

Oh, and the first sentence is total bullshit too. If a "counselor" thought someone was in danger to be killed and did not refer it to the police, they'd be risking their license. If it was referred to the police and they took no action, it was groundless.

Can I be an asshole? Most assuredly. Have I been a burr in Gail's ass regarding the Gygax Memorial Fund? Guilty. Have I done any of what she accuses me of above? None whatsoever.

Edit: I didn’t want to address this, as I believe Gail is unwell, but there are a number of people on Facebook and elsewhere that believe her accusations without question.


  1. It sounds like she's losing it big time. She offered a reward for information about the person who broke into her home, stole mordenkainen's tome of magic and then broke in again to hide it under her bed. I'm thinking that Gail is losing the collection as she is selling it and trying to make it seem like everyone is out to get her. My mother started doing the same thing when her dementia started getting bad.

  2. I like to keep an open mind about things and like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I worry that her rantings are a sign of serious undiagnosed mental illness. Either that or she's an Evil Hag. She must have (or have had) some kind of redeeming quality for Gary to be interested, but I believe this is a sign of something seriously wrong with her.

  3. As someone who has several family members and friends that struggle with various levels of mental illness, I can say that her FB rants and tirades are what severe mental illness can look like if left untreated. I can only hope she gets the treatment she requires sooner than later...before it reaches a point where she cannot be helped.

  4. The response posted was actually posted to me after my suggestion she get a referral for an evaluation. She may very well have had a prior evaluation some time ago, but that's like us old (male) farts refusing to get a colonoscopy because we "got one 10 years ago and the doc said I was clean, so I don't need one now."

    I'm not trying to be some White Knight. I don't have a horse in this race. My opinion is worth less than I'm being paid for (which is $0.00), but if enough "average nobodies" see a pattern of behavior, and express concern, then what's the harm on getting that checked out?

  5. BS, we know your an old brickthrower from way back 😆


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