Thursday, July 30, 2020

An Analysis of Torchlight Sales (Currently #1 in Small Press)

Torchlight is currently the #1 Hottest Seller in Small Press on DTRPG and #2 under 5 bucks (it held #1 very briefly). This is the first time I've released a product with discount coupons and I've found the results to be eye-opening.

In the 36 hours or so that Torchlight has been available for sale, it has sold 108 copies. 78 copies were sold via the discount code shared here and on the Discord Server. 20 copies were sold via the discount code that went out via email to purchasers of prior releases, mostly SWCL (there were over 700 emails sent). 10 copies have been sold at full price, theoretically organic sales for placing high on the DTRPG sales charts.

The numbers in the wishlist and carts are interesting but little more. Clicking a DTRPG coupon code puts the title in your cart automatically.

What is the takeaway? Successful sales on DTRPG require a lot more than placing high on a sales chart. It requires an audience and community looking forward to your release. Without this very community, Torchlight would be withering on the vine right now.

It also means The Tavern has a responsibility to share and highlight new OSR releases as they come out. Sadly, I don't have the time to constantly scour the interwebs looking for new releases and many will pass me by. You can, however, email me, whether you are a publisher or just a fan. I can't guarantee I'll get to them all, but I will certainly give it the yeoman's try.

I can be emailed at:


  1. "Clicking a DTRPG coupon code puts the title in your cart automatically."

    Did not know that. I was kind of wondering why anyone would put a $2 item in their cart and not bother pulling the trigger before logging out. Not exactly a price point you need to save up for, y'know?

    Congrats on the good sales. Those are good sales, right? Unfamiliar with the zine market.

    1. Perhaps uncertain whether they really want it and not as willing to throw money away as you are?


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