Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Torchlight Zine is Currently Number 2 on the DTRPG Hottest Small Press

Talk about humbling. I want to thank everyone for the support and please, don't stop ;)

Want to grab Torchlight for a buck? Just use this link!

The next issue is planned for September and then the intention is to go quarterly, but we may do special issues in addition to the usual ones.

Oh, and a Copper Best Seller too!


  1. Really nice zine. Could use a going over by a proof-reader or editor to fix some grammar and spelling errors. Also would recommend changing the monster format slightly and adding the presumable source or setting (the Ghost Men, for example, are for White Star) as I was very confused until I got to the final part of the monster entry.

    But again, really good effort, and look forward to the next issue!

    1. Our editor is going through for a third time as i type this. Great thing about PDFs is revisions can be made easily. Want o catch it all before a decision is made to go PODc or not.

      The White Star / Setting fubar is mine and mine alone. Well, as are the typos and such ;)

  2. As an addendum, could we get less page coverage on the future covers, in case I want to print it out?


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