Saturday, May 16, 2020

Some Thoughts on Blind Hero Worship

We have a Blind Hero Worship issue in the gaming community. The problem isn’t unique to RPGs, but it is very prevalent in old school gaming.


Because exposing our childhood heroes as imperfect threatens those perfect memories of our childhood.

Surprise! Those memories aren’t as perfect as you think and neither are your heroes. And that’s okay.

Game designers are people too, like you and I, and putting them on pedestals they are ill suited for does neither them nor the community a favor.

Sticking fingers in your ears and going Ting a Ling a Loo isn’t going to change the truth about your heroes being mere mortals.

As an aside, 9 more pounds off at this mornings weigh in. 41 pounds in total in seven days. I’m guessing 10 more before all is saiid and done.


  1. Sad you're still in the hospital but jealous of your weight loss. ūü§™

  2. I agree, but it's not just the gaming community. Continued best wishes for a timely recovery.

  3. It's cold and lonely up on a pedastel. So I try not to put people up on them.

    Take care!

  4. Well wishes to my favorite grognard!

  5. One of my favourite movie quotes:
    "People who worship heroes must be prepared for disillusionment."


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