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Wayward Kickstarter - CSIO Excuses

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Stormy Weather but Pushing Onward

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Judges GuildCreator
May 11, 2020

Backers and Friends (I hope we still have some), as help from other sources never seem to come forth as promised, the going is slow, but I have not given up. Progress is being made and print funds are still being raised. This is largely due to our new website store and new book (Badabaskor) financed by son Aaron Bledsaw, who is granting 50% of the proceeds from the site to the CSIO/KS print-fund.
   Also, additional material is still going into the CSIO from Bob Bledsaw's own material... if you see how Badabaskor has expanded from 30 to 70 pages, the material used is much of the same which has added an additional 30+ pages to CSIO. This material is Bob Sr's unfinished draft material, edited of course. Those of you who would like to see samples of the expanded Streets can email me at jgww@comcast.net, and I will gladly drop a large Street (text only) for you to see. Maps (interior) and artwork is also being polished and cleaned by Aaron Bledsaw. 
I wish you all to know that I am not squandering any cash here, nor have I used any Judges Guild cash for my own purposes since 2015. I had a cardiac incident in 2018, and have not sought treatment, my sole vehicle quit on me in 2018, so I did not have it repaired, I need eye surgery, but rather than have it, I did not renew my drivers license the same year. I have not driven in 2 years. Also in 2018 the furnace in my home quit, it too has not been repaired, and in 2019, my water-heater stopped lighting... so no, I am not spending the cash for anything here until this project is fulfilled. This is me being honest about my situation, I do have a modest living, and anyone who doubts this can ask my immediate family. I tell you all this because I am in your debt, and you should know how I do thereby.

I was asked to address allegations that I am a racist (I am not), or if I am an anti-semite (again, I am not). Anyone who sees the posts they selected for that narrative ignored the many other posts made to the contrary. There are many reasons to rake me over the coals, and I understand that, but anyone who knows me, or with eyes to see, can be judge. Just because I criticize, jest, or lampoon, does not mean I am any of the things I am being labeled as. If all you see are those selected posts, and ignore that those posts were liked by others, you will be angry. Give me the space you afford Mel Brooks. (and they will run with that quote also). As it is, I run the Guild as my father instructed me, non-political, non-biased... so years back when the LGBTQ asked us to openly endorse them as other companies openly did, I refused, and maybe that marked the Guild in the modern climate... it had nothing to do with my personal position, in fact, I posted that we make games for everyone, why choose sides on an issue like that? So, I guess that was not enough and I was informed in 2016 that the Guild was labeled an "Orange Business" (meaning a pro-Trump pox). I tried to inform people that I did not support Trump, but as my personal wall showed posts critical of the Left, some just assumed I was a liar. I did make insensitive posts, but a search of my wall shows jabs at everyone; preachers, popes, musicians, politicians, AND Trump!  In 2014 I created a Photo Album on FB singing the praise of my favorite Blues musicians, many are black, and yet they would rather see me as Hitler for a few critical posts. As I said, all those posts were liked my someone, so we are talking "taste." I can accept that I am in bad taste sometimes.
Again, I ramble, and I would update more if more was to tell. If you re-read this, you will see how the Guild is doing... for the last 10 years, other companies have made money on the Guild, but that has changed. Our sales are up on the new book, and Aaron has others soon to be released, when he has the capital to print. I hope you all do give those books a chance. Reviews have been very good so far, and that is encouraging to me as to how you will like the City State, as it draws from the same Bob Sr draft material. The fact that it is being well-received and re-ordered, tells me that using it as the filler was the right move. I do believe you will be happy with the words.
Please remember to update your addresses, this will get done! 
Some of the minis are yet to go out, if you wish them sent prior to the book, send me your address along with backer # and I will send them in order of request. Otherwise. they will be mailed along with the printed book and maps. Also, any other issues I can help with, feel free to ask, I will help as I can. My health is not the greatest now, but if you consider the sacrifices I have confided to you above, you know my heart is still with this project, and seeing it thru. All the polish will show.
Bob Bledsaw II


  1. There were no other posts which would lead one to think he is not antisemitic. Nothing was taken out of context on that allegation, and no other posts revealed some mitigation on that issue. In private conversations with multiple people he again doubled down on exactly the same antisemitic comments. They were not Mel Brooks type posts, they were not just for Likes and laughs, he made it very clear he was serious about his deeply anti-Jewish traditional conspiracy theory views and stood by them.

    1. Sorry but I don't believe one word of any of this. He has the right to say whatever he wants - it is America. But I do believe that he is an anti-semite and bigot.


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