Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Kickstarter - Return to Dark Tower

An epic fantasy game pitting 1-4 heroes against an intelligent, malevolent tower.
Like many, I have fond memories of the original Dark Tower. I never owned the game, but I had friends that had it and it was played quite often in the early and mid-80s. In our imagination, we were all Conan, exploring a continent, defeating foes and stealing treasure, and it was grand. Alas, I never owned the game myself and except for an online version, I haven't played it in well over 30 years.

Well, it's back - kinda sorta. Now it integrates your smartphone to the gameplay. Here's the video:

I must say, I am sorely tempted to back the Return to Dark Tower Kickstarter, although it certainly ain't cheap. 125 for the basic game, 235 for all the bells and whistles. Its already surpassed 2,675,000 in backing. yes, that's over 2.5 million.

What are your memories of the original?


  1. I would back it if it was backwards compatible with the original game. many people have non working towers.

  2. It looks very cool, but I wish it didn’t require a phone. I play TTGs to get away from my damn phone. This could have been a very cool tactile experience. Instead, just more screen time.

  3. I remember having to program the tower prior to starting the game. When you put all of the things into it, it would play a little congratulatory sound. If you got no sound, it meant that something you tried to put in didn't work. I got pretty heated whenever that would happen because it was not an easy thing to do. But overall, the game scratched my hack n slash need back in the day. This definitely looks good though!


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