Thursday, January 9, 2020

Certificate in Tabletop Gaming - Spalding University (May 22-31 in Louisville, Kentucky)

Earlier today I was sent an email by Dirk Stanley, perhaps best known for his FarAway Lands RPG. Apparently, Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky, will be offering a Certificate in Tabletop Gaming this Spring (May 22-31, 2020).

It is very tempting. Don't think I can spend a week and a half away from my family, but tempting indeed.

BTW, Dirk created the program and curriculum.
Are you a writer? Are you into playing tabletop games? Have you long wanted to create your own game? What if you could get feedback and direction on your game while simultaneously pursuing a graduate certificate in writing with a focus on Tabletop Gaming at an accredited university?

Level-up your career and pursue your passion simultaneously at Spalding University’s School of Creative and Professional Writing. The low-residency certificate program fuses writing and tabletop game design, focusing on board game, card game, and role-playing game writing and creation.

The certificate program begins with a ten-day residency on Spalding’s campus, where you will participate in a residency workshop/seminar with other game writers, honing your craft to a fine edge. Afterward, you’ll return home to complete an independent study, working one-on-one with a mentor as you explore the mechanics, setting, and writing of your game. You will be introduced to crowdfunding strategies and techniques along with methods and resources related to tabletop game design. And you will receive focused feedback on your work designed to take your creativity to the next level.

For students who decide to continue their studies, certificate credits can be used to fulfill first-semester requirements toward earning an advanced creative writing degree: the two-semester Master of Arts in Writing (MAW) or the four-semester Master of Fine Arts in Writing (MFA).

The residency takes place May 22-31 on Spalding’s campus in Louisville, Kentucky. The early-placement application deadline of February 1 guarantees a slot to those admitted to the program, though later applications will also be considered. Financial aid is available. To inquire about special application requirements for the certificate, email SchoolofWriting@spalding.edu.  

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