Tuesday, September 10, 2019

New Release - Alarms & Journeys (OSR Zine)

There's a new Zine in the OSR community - Alarms & Journeys. Its just 2 bucks. Probably worth it for the adventure alone.
An OSR 'zine for use with OSRIC, AD&D 1e,2e, and others. 42 pages! (actually, more than 42 pages ;) 
In this issue! 
Editorial/ Barbarian Class page: 2 
Law and Disorder by Todd Cannon page: 6 
Interview with Joseph Bingaman
By Dave Johnson Page: 8
The Role of Books: 
Monsters and Creatures
Page: 12 
Trail of Cthulhu
page: 13 
Obligatory Dungeon
by Chris Larr Page: 16† 
The Role of Games
page: 46 
Ecology of the Gas Spore
page: 50 
New Monsters & Magic!
page: 55
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  1. The APA zine Alarums & Excursions is still being published monthly if you'd like to check out the original. The current issue is #526. https://www.conchord.org/xeno/aande.html

    1. Yeah, seems a bit haughty and naughty for this magazine to not only cash in on the original "Alarums & Excursions" title, but also to bill itself as *the* magazine of fantasy and science fiction RPGs.


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