Thursday, September 12, 2019

A WTF Kickstarter - Age of Uranus

Sometimes, the name says it all. I'm sure it was a language issue that failed to see the issue with the title of this Kickstarter - Age of Uranus before launch.

I guess they released after launch, as it was canceled after not meeting projections.

So, what is the Age of Uranus? Yes, that was a bad joke, but it is funny ;)
Age of Uranus is a role-playing game in which art and mystery blend to create a unique and fascinating setting: a sublime and tormented world where signs invisible to ordinary mortals lead to weird and wonderful places and where codes hidden within works of art reveal paths to powers and long-forgotten truths. 
Players take on the role of hyper-humans, supernatural beings of great power, who covet supremacy over humans and their peers, but in hyper-human society nothing is as it seems. Characters will have to navigate this world of Mystery, Intrigue and Passion...
Ah well. It's never good to play with Uranus. Yes, I'm in high school again - signed, Dick Hertz ;P


  1. I disapprove of this jocularity. -Ben Dover

  2. Sounds like my kind of game! -Harry Balzac

  3. Ben is wrong. I think Uranus would make a great setting. -Eileen Dover.

  4. There's an old Hercules movie where one of the characters says, "This day is dedicated to Uranus." I think this kind of thing is why British folks prefer to pronounce it YUR-un-us. - Seymour Butts


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