Saturday, August 10, 2019

State of The Tavern Update, August 2019

Just some quick notes and updates.

You probably don't realize it because I never missed a day posting or podcasting, but July was a rough month for me. Not bad, necessarily, but rough. Lots of time sinks, both physical and mental. Much that I wanted to get done, did not get done.

Well, as of this past Tuesday (August 6th) the last of my mental time sinks are completed. One of the more major time sinks was actually preparing for the New York State Notary Public Exam. Long story short, both Rach and I both passed and in about 2 months we should officially be Notaries Public. It should help Rach at her new job, and as for me, it was on my bucket list. No idea why. Seriously. Heh.

I've been neglecting the Tenkar's One Shot Roleplaying Facebook Community (trying to free up time) and I hope to run a playtest of next month's ShireCon adventure in a few weeks via the Facebook community. I'm getting there ;)

Yes, I'm behind on mapping, especially the rest of the adventure in question. Work commences tomorrow.

Gaming content for the blog - I've got a ton of shit sketched out and outlined, and now is the time to start finishing stuff off and posting it up. So, hopefully, I get a piece or two up this week.

New blog host / Tavern 2.0 - can keeps getting kicked down the road. It will happen. No longer predicting when. Soonish.

I will be attempting to put up a blog post in the AM hours. Possibly a second in the PM hours. Podcasts will release in the PM hours. Attempting a schedule. Time is always the enemy ;)

As always, thank you all for your support. It literally means the world to me :)

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