Saturday, August 3, 2019

Raggi is Such a Shock Jock! I'm so Shocked!

Wait, that's right - all the radio shock jocks are either off the air or no longer shocking. This is simply bad taste, but that IS Raggi's schtick:

Jeans, striped shirts, ballcaps, modern bikes - he doesn't even try to make the effort to have it fit his default setting. Because why make the effort when you can be "shocking".

I long for the days when Raggi was putting out usable stuff, like The Grinding Gear.

Ah well, I'm guessing this was one of his many inspirations:

Tip of the hat to Taverner Thad :)


  1. I don't see a reason why this doesn't fit his default setting. Time travels and other such shenanigans are part of his kind of wierd. It's shocking in a typical Raggi way, so meh. At least illustrator does know the job.

  2. That’s just it - it isn’t shocking anymore. It’s Raggi and it feels overdone and juvenile at this point.

  3. clearly he's trying to take a dig at the netflix show stranger things with this cover...pitty it's so lazily done...the guy used to actually be good at this sort of thing...guess everyone burns out eventually when all they do is the same thing over and over for a decade or more eh

  4. It's "Kids on Pikes". Real mature and edgy ūüôĄ

  5. Kids getting killed is a theme of a lot of the lotfp modules that Raggi himself has written (Fuck for Satan, Doom Cave of the Crystal Headed Children and Better than Any Man), so it has some internal reference as well. I think it's pretty clever, especially with all these entirely vestigial 80's retrowave RPG's around. I agree with TENKAR that I long for the olden days when Raggi put out his own modules.

  6. I draw the line at killing children imagery. If it’s a plague or something that is one thing but this is just blatant garbage and truly does not speak well of intent. This is the kind of stuff that throw up a lot of red flags for me. What is next? A module on snuff films.


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