Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Kickstarter - The Lost Lands - Grand Duchy of Reme (System Neutral Setting Book)

I truly enjoy the Lost Lands setting from Frog God Games. It covers a large and varied area, literally. The Grand Duch of Reme is my kind of setting book. System Neutral really is my thing when it comes to settings. OSR, 5e, PF, Tunnels & Trolls, The Fantasy Trip, GURPS, Rolemaster - whatever system you enjoy, it fits.
The Grand Duchy of Reme is a system neutral hardcover volume designed to be useful for campaigns independent of system preference. For specific details that affect the characters in the Lost Lands there are System Encounter Books. These companion volumes are softcover (or PDF), that contain reference stats for use with the Region book along with detailed encounter tables for the region. 
Additionally, 3 classic adventures previously unavailable for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, and Fifth Edition are back. These are offered as either softcover add-ons in backerkit or as free stretch goals in PDF (see reward sidebar).
And here is the pitch:
The city of Reme itself is ancient, with world-spanning trade — the eternal citadel of the Loreclans, where the ashes of legendary barbarian kings reside. This land lies near the slow collapse of the nearby Empire of Foere, and the rise of Bard’s Gate to the East. The Rhemish watch these events with cold eyes rather than concern, for they live in vast regions that devour invaders. Their land is eternal; their people can be forced back to the plains, but in the plains they can abide for as long as need be. They are — as a people — the ultimate hunters. The fall of Foere is like the fall of an antelope upon the plains; the rise of Bard’s Gate is little more than the stepping-up of jackals before the body. The Grand Duchy of Reme simply waits and watches — for Reme is the dwelling-place of the world’s wolves.
I personally think 40 bucks (plus shipping) for a hardcover setting book is a hard to pass up price point.  I'm guessing going system neutral and not printing (let alone laying out) three different versions is helping to keep costs down.

Full disclosure: I am Frog God Games' "Convention Coordinator". That means I get to go to conventions, set up the booth, sell shit and run games. I am not involved in this project and I am a $40 backer.

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  1. I've been curious about the Lost Lands, but was worried it sounded a little silly. Something about a cat named Steve?


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