Saturday, July 6, 2019

30% Off Frog God, Troll Lord, Kobold Press and More - For Just a Buck!

Earlier this evening, a friend reached out to me about how to get a Frog God Games title, in Print at a discount. Because as you all know, that is the kind of "influence" I have ;) Then it hit me, the current Humble RPG Book Bundle: 5TH Edition Beast of a Bundle includes just that - a 30% discount at Frog God Games AND Kobold Press, Troll Lord Games, Nord Games, Nerdarchy, Fail Squad Games and TPK Games for as little as a buck. Oh, and a bunch of cool PDFs too.

Just over 3 1/2 days left in this sale. Get your coupons before the clock runs out on this one! :)

And yes, that is an affiliate link above. A portion of the monies you spend via that link will go to support The Tavern. I thank you in advance.


  1. The coupon says digital purchases only.

    1. Hmmm. The individual that used today’s coupon indicated it worked for a print product. I’ll test it myself tomorrow

  2. Actually, just test on City of Brass, Swords & Wizardry. Print plus PDF. Successfully applied. $100 down to $70. 30% off print at Frog God Games.


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