Thursday, May 23, 2019

Wayward Kickstarter - Erotic Adventures - Apparently it Has Performance Anxiety

Ah yes, this winner of a Kickstarter, Erotic Adventures. I backed for a buck just for the drama ;P
The Erotic Adventures book, compatible with 5th edition, will feature the sexual attraction system, fetish rules, new spells, new items, new feats, new races, new monsters, new gods, and new specialties. Play a barbarian maenad and use sex to recharge your rage. Play a rogue paramour and manipulate others using seduction. Cast a spell to enlarge your breasts, or gain an additional penis. Fight a gender bending semen ooze. And much, much more...  
The goal is 1000 dollars, but, for each additional 100 dollars I raise, I will add a picture to the book. If we reach 2000 dollars, I will make an android app based on the book and put it for sale on SlideMe.  
So back this project, and be one of the first to bring sex into the world of 5e! 
PDF was due in December of 2017. Print book in December of 2018. (It funded October 5th, 2017)

Here's the update from earlier today. At least it's an honest one.

How many Kickstarter Creators suffer from depression? I ask because it crops up A LOT, certainly more than it appears in the general population.

I guess there's still no sex in 5e...


  1. ... nor the champagne room, apparently.

  2. Where are Phil and Dixie when you need them?

    Several of my RPG related Kickstarter projects are/were seriously (6+ months) behind schedule due to depression. One has delivered. As best I can recall, none of the other types (board games, software, art, hardware, film) have used that explanation (and I've got enough seriously late ones in the boardgame category that I'd have expected to see one by now). Maybe because RPG stuff has less logistics and can be more easily done with less human interaction, the prone to depression folks are weeded out of the boardgame/software/etc. camps by the upfront work more than RPGs?

  3. Some might be bullshit but I think, especially if it's your first time, publishing can be overwhelming. A first project at not anticipate all the legal forms for those involved and the pressure to make something perfect.

    Experience publishers just get it done and work the kinks out later.

  4. That is the nature of manic depression. You are hyper creative and efficient some point, then you can't function the next. I can see many KS happening during a manic phase, then falling away in the depression phase.

    1. That is actually exactly what happened. I'm kind of tempted to go off the mood stabilizers and see if I can kick off another manic phase. This depressive phase is lasting waaaaay too long.

  5. We call depression the "common cold" of mental illness in psychology for a reason, it is everywhere. I would say Kickstarters are actually no different in this respect.

  6. Honestly it doesn't seem like this would be hard to make or be that useful if it was made. That being said I hope he kicks himself into gear and can do something to make him less depressed. I have a bunch of side things that help keep me moving and not get trapped by a depressed mood, like walking, programming, 3d printing..anything to get me out of down mood.

  7. Maybe if this guy would research the sex part of this project, it might cure the depression?


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