Sunday, May 19, 2019

So, What'd the Latest with Far West and Gareth Shirker?


What the latest on Far West and our favorite Shirker?

Absolutely fucking nothing. The last update is STILL from December 22 of last year. But hey, why update your backers nearly five months after your last bullshit update (just sharing the relevant promises)
I'd intended to get all of this done before year's end -- I'll be blunt:  This is unlikely, though possible.  The reason it's unlikely is because I am headed out to spend Christmas with my extended family for the first time in 15 years, and naturally want to be as present as possible -- although I suspect that I'll still find time here and there to get some stuff done (and we'll be back home before year-end).  In all likelihood, though, this will get its final touches once I'm back in the office on Monday, January 7th. 
So we're almost there.  Layout has begun, so the full PDF will follow soon after the final chapter deliveries, and then to the printer.  Thank you all so much for your continued support and patience, which has been far more than anyone could hope for.
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.
"Gor blezzus, errywon."
Gareth-Michael Skirker
Lawrence, Kansas
22 December 2018
Hey, gonna threaten to punch me in the throat again, Mr Shirker?

I'll be in Dallas at NTRPG Con June 5th through June 10th. Sorry, I'm not making a trip to Kansas, but I'm sure you'll be welcomed in Texas. Or come to NYC anytime. I'll even buy you a drink, so long as you are okay with waiting 7 1/2 years.


Hey publishers? Would you be okay if someone you hired to produce a gaming product was 7 1/2 years late and STILL was no closer to delivery? What about threatening physical violence? How the fuck does Mr Shirker continue to get work in the industry?


  1. Funnily enough, I actually did a search on Far West to see if you had any updates. We must be operating on the same frequency, Erik.

  2. Like Gareth, I'll be blunt: There will be a Tavern update someday talking about how this is a full decade late...

  3. F This guy. Please attack me in Texas, see how well that turns out for him.

  4. Weird... I just remembered this yesterday and was like "huh wonder if that game ever came out."


  5. Has anyone burned by this KS looked to take legal action on him?

    In the meantime, I never backed (thank goodness) but continue to avoid Adamant Entertainment products on principle. Even more so now that I see he'd rather throw blame and threats at those who hold him accountable over actually admitting he fucked up this Kickstarter years ago.


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