Monday, May 13, 2019

Kickstarter - The Cthulhu Alphabet (Goodman Games)

"A book of Lovecraftian inspiration for your RPG sessions. A is for Altar, B is for Books, C is for Cultist, N is for Nyarlathotep!"

The Dungeon Alphabet is one of my favorite RPG books. It simply bleeds with inspiration. I expect nothing less from The Cthulhu Alphabet.
For generations, H.P. Lovecraft has inspired fans of horror, fantasy, and science-fiction. This is especially true in tabletop role playing games, where his stories have been adapted into countless variations of exciting adventure. Now we offer another way for you bring his mythos into your tabletop RPG session!

A is for Angles, B is for Books, C is for Cults, N is for Nyarlathotep
This Kickstarter funds the creation of The Cthulhu Alphabet, a prolifically illustrated tabletop RPG supplement published in hardcover book format.  
The Cthulhu Alphabet is a collection of random tables to inspire your role playing game, structured around an abecedarian theme. If you are a player navigating an uncaring universe, a haunted setting, or horror-filled dungeon, you will find new ideas for your character and adventures. And if you are a game master creating scenarios set in the Cthulhu Mythos – or in any fantastic world – you will find every page bursting with ideas. Your brain will spark on every page, whether you roll randomly for inspiration or read the tables in order. 
The Cthulhu Alphabet is systems-neutral and will work with any rules set, whether 5E, DCC RPG, or otherwise. The book is estimated to be 112 pages long, and will be printed with color cover and B/W interior.

The “Alphabet” Format
The Cthulhu Alphabet follows the format first popularized by Goodman Games in The Dungeon Alphabet. The entries are in alphabetical order, and each concerns one aspect of the Cthulhu mythos. Each entry contains a mix of inspirational text and one or more random tables.  
Looking to make your next monster encounter more interesting? Try rolling on S is for Serpentfolk, Z is for Zombies, or D is for Deep Ones. 
Creating a mythos-styled location for your next scenario? Try rolling on K is for Kingsport, or M is for Miskatonic University. 
Figuring out the antediluvian horror central to your next plot? Try rolling on O is for Outer Gods, U is for Unnamable, or E is for Elder Thing. 
Building out the dark history of a lost book, mysterious grandfather, or odd old house? Try rolling on L is for Legacy, M is for Madness, B is for Books, or J is for Journal. 
Tweaking the nuances of a historically accurate literary adventure, but need a little bit of inspiration or added mystery? Roll on V is for Voorish Sign, P is for Pnakotic, U is for Ubbo-Sathla, H is for Hastur, or I is for Ithaqua. 
Just need something gross for the characters to fight? Look up C is for Cultists, T is for Tentacles, or S is for Shoggoth.
12 bucks in PDF, 25 for standard Print cover plus PDF and 35 for foil Print cover plus PDF. Shipping will be collected via Bckerkit.

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