Wednesday, April 17, 2019

News - Fantasy Grounds has just released Officially Licensed AD&D 2E modules for the PHB, MM, DMG and N1 Adventure

I received the following from Doug Davidson (Fantasy Grounds) via the Tenkar's Tavern Facebook page:
Fantasy Grounds just released officially licensed AD&D 2E modules for the PHB, MM, DMG and N1 adventure.  
We added a 2E ruleset to all Standard and Ultimate licenses where people can enter their own data if they don't want to buy the preloaded module content we sell. 
I would have preferred 1e or B/X but this is a heluva good sign that there are more classic rulesets in the works. Notice that the adventure converted to Fantasy Grounds is N1 - a classic AD&D 1e adventure.

Interesting times!

edit - From a comment of Facebook:
There is a free extension that makes the 2e ruleset a AD&D ruleset.
You actually get the rules engine (automation) free with the program. You need to buy the books to get the content, but you could enter is all yourself if you wanted to.
DCC also got an official ruleset the same day.

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