Monday, April 15, 2019

Kickstarter - Static Cling Table Top RPG Terrains and Interior Decals

"Reusable static cling decals to design RPG games and scenarios. There are terrain, foliage, dungeon tiles and interior items.   "

You might be scratching your head over this Kickstarter. I know I did for a bit. And then it came to me! Static Cling Table Top RPG Terrains and Interior Decals Kickstarter is Colorforms for RPG terrain. Which is kinda cool, and then so not cool at the same time.

I had the Peanuts Colorforms back on the day. Loved it. This version for RPGs? Not so much.
Hi, I'm Benito Garcia and we are hard at work designing reusable static cling decals  that can be used on your vinyl mats and map books to enhance your favorite roll playing game. Watch your maps pop with color. Each pack will have two 12”x12” sheets packed full of reusable decals.  We will start with, foliage, rocky terrains, interiors for taverns and homes as well as shops. Also there will be a dungeon pack with corridors, rooms,
hidden passages  and cool traps to make your game more fun and visually appealing for your players.  We will move into elements as well, things like fire, ice and waterways after the first sets are completed. The Rough Terrain pack will have 18 decals just on its own and we'll do all we can to pack the others full to make a more fun game for everyone. Your imagination will have no limit. No more dry erase marker doodles and scratches on maps. These high quality reusable decals are also washable so they never lose their stick. That means hundreds of game scenarios. You may come up new ideas you hadn't thought of after you open the packs and see whats inside.   
I'm looking for like minded supporters  to get this off the ground and moving forward so everyone can have a great experience when it comes to playing RPGs. 
1 set of sheets (2 sheets - 18 decals) is 30 bucks. Seems fairly steep and the sample pieces are just not appealing to my eye. Typos in the above don't instill confidence. Oh, this isn't the pith - its the whole description.

Did I mention the wonky math?

1 set is $30.

2 sets are $50

4 sets are $125

Dungeon terrain isn't available until the $125 pledge level.

Hard pass. Interesting idea but the execution is lacking.


  1. Erik ... they are trying to cash in on this. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/atlasmundi/immersive-battle-maps-for-tabletop-roleplaying-gam?ref=user_menu

    Which did a much better KS for it already.

  2. I've seen you shill for other, less interesting items. Your call obviously, but I don't see the problem with them. They look better than the typical person could draw.

    1. As shown in the comment above, there was a prior KS that did it better.

      And yes, at the price asked I'd expect better quality, but hey - your call :)


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