Sunday, February 10, 2019

Kickstarter - RPG Zine Challenge: The Compleat Beastman (OSR / 5e))

So, RPG Zine Challenge: The Compleat Beastman is part of Zine Quest Month on Kickstarter. Let's see what we get with this one.
Every issue has at least one full character class, compatible with the various OSR rules systems, Multiple generic NPCs, one or more named NPCs with adventure hooks, history, culture, and societal notes to make these species come to life in your games. 
Each issue is a small, black and white zine that also contains pin up art pieces of different varieties of the highlighted species. Here's something awesome that you don't get with other zines- every backer gets FREE ART with a commercial license to use in your own products! 
Additionally, I'm releasing them with 100% open content. Use this stuff in your own books. ALL OF IT! 
The material is setting- and even genre- neutral. Each of the beastmen societies gets presented as a a living culture, with notes not only on traditional fantasy themes, but also notes on how they colonize and fight in space. Yes, fantasy and sci-fi gonzo goodness.
Size? Small

Page count? Unknown

How about pledge levels?
The basic $10 pledge includes a PDF of every issue that we produce from this campaign, as well as stock art. The @25 level gets you the discount print code for each issue, as well as discounted minis.
If it only produces a single issue of unknown page count, that becomes fairly expensive for a small PDF. "Print code" I am guessing means POD through DTRPG at cost. That's a significant chunk of change for potentially a single issue in print (plus POD cost and shipping). Yes, you get access to the art as future stock art, but that is only an incentive if you plan to do some self-publishing yourself.

I'm giving this a soft pass. Further details on page count and printed size of the zine might change that. Hitting stretch goals will also make this more attractive, but it has to hit critical mass before that starts to open up.


  1. These are good questions, actually. So, the zine is 5.5" x 8.5", per the rules of the challenge. Right now we're looking at a page content of probably 40-48, depending on the stretch goal unlocks and some of the content that I'm awaiting from contributors. It's possible that we'll even go over this, in which case I split the issue in twain (has to be saddle-stitched, so there's a firm 48-page limit on print for this challenge).

  2. Jacob puts out good material. I backed both Kaigaku KS's, and will be backing this one as well.. He's a good communicator and was very good at getting the material out on time. :)


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