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Kickstarter - Labyrinth: The Lich Lord's Lair tabletop fantasy RPG game

Sometimes a game looks interesting, then you see the lack of backers and it makes you dig a bit deeper. Labyrinth: The Lich Lord's Lair tabletop fantasy RPG game is just such a game.

Launched on October 19th, its had 8 days to find an audience. In that time, its found 12 backers and about 7% of its funding. No, it's not doing well with 19 days to go.
A unique tabletop fantasy RPG adventure game where YOUR CHOICES and the ROLL OF THE DICE determine the OUTCOME of the story and game.
Wait, isn't that pretty much ALL games that aren't pure skill or pure chance?
Labyrinth: The Lich Lord's Lair is a tabletop, fantasy role-playing, multi-path adventure game that is unique in the sense that YOU (and/or your party, if you are playing with multiple players) choose your own destiny(s); that by your own choices YOU determine the OUTCOME of the story. In fact, sometimes, your very fate(s) might even depend on the roll of the dice....
I got drawn in by the art and the title. I must admit the pitch is pretty horrid, claiming uniqueness fr something that is very NOT unique.

But wait, there's more!
You get to decide where the story goes! By no means a new concept, Labyrinth: The Lich Lord's Lair is a multi-path, tabletop game modeled after the Choose Your Own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy style books. Because the outcome of the story is determined by the choices you and/or your party make, this creates a more intimate gaming experience for everyone, and a new adventure every time you and your friends play! It is also the first in a series of Labyrinth adventures to come! 
An engaging storyline, coupled with tons of incredible artwork from high-caliber fantasy artist, Ilya Shkipin. In fact, all of the artwork above that you see in this campaign was created by Ilya specifically for Labyrinth: The Lich Lord's Lair, and are just a taste of what is to come!  
Single Player or Multiplayer! Labyrinth: The Lich Lord's Lair can be played by yourself, or can be modified to create a multiplayer adventure experience for you and your friends!
 Simple game mechanics! We at EndGame wanted to create a game that you, the player, can actually spend playing, not learning, but enjoying, without feeling intimidated by it.  We want our adventurers to get right into it, without wasting precious time doing a bunch of math, and filling out tons of confusing boxes that only further complicate the game play. With our game, character creation is super easy, and our simple turn-based, dice roll combat system delivers a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat combat experience that is both engaging, and maintains the flow of the game.  
Appealing to gamers of all different levels and backgrounds! In fact, a recent beta test of the prototype/draft of this game received rave reviews and positive and enthusiastic responses from both hardcore and casual gamers alike! 
Approximately 2-1/2 to 3 hours tops to complete an adventure! One of the more engaging and attractive aspects of this game is that it was created knowing that people like you lead active and busy lifestyles.
Different strokes for different folks! For the avid reader and casual gamer, Labyrinth: The Lich Lord's Lair will be available as an adventure gamebook in a PDF version, complete with all of the artwork, that you can take anywhere with you on your mobile device, tablet, or laptop or play on your desktop at work when the boss is not around. For the tabletop enthusiast, the game will be available as a tabletop game in a full-color box, complete with a high-quality, fully-illustrated ADVENTURE book, CHARACTER PROFILE sheets, a BATTLE CHEST containing one set of custom HERO dice and one set of custom ENEMY dice, CREATURE CARDS, INVENTORY CARDS, TREASURE TOKENS, and a tabletop SATCHEL for your INVENTORY CARDS. And finally, if we hit Stretch Goal #2, we will be bringing the Lich Lord to PC as an exciting, interactive fantasy RPG video game. Each format of the game will obviously have unique features that the other ones will not.
Sorry, this is not unique. Buy in for the game is 80 bucks, which isn't horrid, but I've literally seen a dozen or more of these "fantasy heartbreaker" boardgames. Some even fund. This one won't.

Ah well, maybe I can count those 80 bucks as "money saved" ;) If only Gareth hadn't bilked me for 150 7 years ago...



  1. Well the art looks good.

    That's about all I got.

  2. "If only Gareth hadn't bilked me for 150 7 years ago..."

    Is this relevant to this post or that Kickstarter in some way I am not seeing?


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