Monday, October 15, 2018

Free Map Mondays - Mapping Like Its 1980 :)

I spent parts of this evening cleaning and putting stuff aside for OSR Christmas - yes, the pile is fairly large.

I came across my bagged copy of Cyborg Commando (and now recall why I never tried to play it) as well as an early dungeon map that I drew and populated around 1979 / 80 or so.

Looks like I was using those random tables from the Dungeon Master's Guide...

God knows why anyone would WANT to use this map, but I'm releasing the map ONLY under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ / Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0). Enjoy :)

(no idea if the back is OGL-able, so not released)


  1. I tell you what. Finding maps like these, to me, are goldmines. While not technically easy to interpret in the modern day or to the person who didn't write it over 30+ years ago, the awesome thing that these maps bring up is... memories. I, for one, LOVE seeing stuff like this. I love collecting stuff like this. I still have binders full of my old maps and worlds from the 80's in my collection. I still love going back to them to look at them. They're a window to the past. Even if you don't remember what every single one of those chicken scratches on that page were, it's still a piece of your history with the game. It was a part of a world that you created. And sometimes.. it's neat to just.. take it out and look at and just... think about what this thing was.. or remember it when it was used.

  2. Nice! I just made a map with 1e dmg. The 10 foot standard kept throwing me off! What's the pool in room QQ do? Is it made of tears? >.<

    1. The 9-15 result on the Magic Pools table is +-1d3 to a random characteristic (determined upon entering the pool, once per person, with each person getting their effect determined independently).


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