Friday, August 17, 2018

Slightly Older News - Goodman Announces Classic Collectors Reprint / 5e Conversion of X1: The Isle of Dread

Goodman is just now emailing out their Gen Con announcements, so for those that hadn't yet heard about the X1 - Isle of Dread announcement:
The first big news is the announcement of the second volume in our Original Adventures Reincarnated line. The first volume, Into the Borderlands, was the biggest release in the history of Goodman Games. The reception to it continues to amaze us, and we are thrilled beyond belief. And we are very proud to announce that the second volume in the series is…drum roll please…X1: The Isle of Dread! OAR 2: The Isle of Dread will contain scans of the two original TSR publications of Isle of Dread (orange cover and blue cover editions), plus a 5E conversion, as well as interviews with original creators and other special features! We’ve also updated the mapping style of the 5E edition, so it will now feature illustrated hand-drawn maps that bring back memories of the original TSR style. Lead writer Chris Doyle and editor Tim Wadzinski return to the project after doing such a great job on OAR 1: Into the Borderlands. Into the Borderlands is back in print and available, by the way, so check your FLGS or our online store for your copy today! And Original Adventures Reincarnated 2: Isle of Dread is currently scheduled to release in November of this year! We’ll be sure to keep you updated with news about it as it gets closer.
Just some observations on my part:

The Bordlerlands reprint was less than I hoped for. The book was huge but the paper quality was fairly poor - probably an attempt to keep the price down.

November means Gamehole release.

Turn around means this deal was inked well before the Borderlands reprint hit the market.

Eh, I'll probably still pick it up...


  1. I would have preferred a slimmer volume, closer to the original, just for 5E. I'd also like WotC to allow Goodman to release the damn thing in PDF.

  2. Got Borderlands from my FLGS, thought it had lots of nice little nuggets. But is Goodman taking nostalgia too far?

    1. Can you take nostalgia too far? I think the OSR has proved that you can't.

  3. Seems cool, but I don't have the 50 to spend on what sounds like a coffee table book. It might get 50 worth of use over my lifetime, but not with my table.

  4. I will probably get this. I think this won't be quite as big as OAR:1 since that dealt with both B1 and B2. I do wonder if they have plans for any additional modules. I have fond memories of Castle Amber, but I don't know if there is a market for these kind of products outside the most commonly experienced ones.


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