Saturday, August 18, 2018

Wayward Kickstarter - Far West - Missing Drop Dead Deadlines Since 2011

Gareth missing a deadline might as well be a drinking game. Potential problem? Alcohol poisoning.

Here's the challenge - stop with the fucking Twittering and actually write something longer than 240 characters at a time (or whatever Twitters current limit is).

I gave Gareth some slack when he said he was going to the Open d6 system, hoping the change would spark something within his creativity, but I can see I was wrong.

What's the excuse this time Gareth? Dog eat your laptop? Another pet die? Power outage for the last 3 weeks? Twitter get your tongue? Or are you too busy writing for the Star Trek RPG to fulfill obligations that are over six years old?

But hey, at least you do make some Far West related tweets (if you cut back on the political tweets and drama you would have completed this years ago):

Not that you do any Far West related WRITING...


  1. The only way this is ever getting finished is if the guy who is supposedly "helping" with "layout" actually writes it for him. Otherwise, nothing is going to change.

    Skarka either can't, or won't, complete it himself.

  2. It's ok, cause he beat himself up over missing his 2,834th self-imposed deadline...

  3. What is he actually wrote the RPG as a series of tweets? People could actually see the progress he is making.

  4. None of this makes sense to me.

    A while back he said he was only about 3 chapters short of being done.
    He also posted a pic of his computer screen showing the layout.

    So what is he doing? Is it time spent working for other companies? Even that can't surely be enough. He'd have to have co written every rpg going! Maybe he has.

    Or has he pissed the money up the wall going to tinsel town trying to drum up business for the transmedia component he envisioned for Far West. I think that's what happened and he's spent the time since trying to drum up money to actually publish the book; hence Cubicle 7 getting on board several years ago (though that deal has long since fallen through as well).

    Personally, though I've no dog in this race, I think he, or KS themselves, should just pull the plug

  5. Called it with the Twittering. Ignore your Trump Hate Boner and just do your job. Seriously he's as bad as GRRM was with book 4 during Bush's time in office. Lord almighty.


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