Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Humble Bundle - Digital Tabletop (Talisman and more for Windows / OSX)

There is a new Humble Bundle up that may interest The Tavern's readers. The Digital Tabletop Bundle includes some classic games like Talisman :)

One buck gets you Ticket to Ride and some other games. For a buck its worth it for Ticket to Ride alone.

The sweet spot, in my opinion, is about six bucks. Carcassonne, Talisman with expansions, Pathfinder Adventures and Sentinels Multiverse. Well worth it just for the core Talisman game.

This has been a fun Humble Bundle Month, with The LoTR / The One Ring RPG and Torchwood also in the mix.

The above include affiliate links. Tavern Keeper needs cold beer, badly. Still 89 degrees here in NYC after 10 PM...

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