Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Reminder - Tavern Chat Tonight - 9 PM Eastern - Let's See Who gets the Box of Hopefully Not Crap

Yep, its a Wednesday and that means tonight is a Tavern Chat, where various and sundry members of the OSR gather to "chew the shit" and have what has been called "an amazingly entertaining live podcast that we are very grateful is NOT recorded" ;)

Anyhow, here's the link:  https://discord.gg/fReGmuD

Tonight at 9:30ish, I'll be announcing the receiver of the Tenkar's Tavern Monthly (more or less) Gift Box of What I Hope is Not all Crap Giveaway - you can still comment on the original post until 9 PM tonight.

See you tonight :)

PS - no need to be present to be gifted - we'll announce on the blogside later tonight :)

1 comment:

  1. Anyone not present, I'll be happy to claim your prize on your behalf ;)


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