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Thursday, June 22, 2017

State of The Tavern - No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service (yeah, posting basic guidelines)

We've had some lively discussions the past few days here at The Tavern and I couldn't be more pleased. The comments, by and large, were thoughtful and the topics were thought provoking. There were some hiccups, and as such I find myself in a position where I either moderate all day or I put together some basic guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines can lead to you comment(s) being deleted. Your bartender has the final word.

Rule Number 1 - You can not answer a question with another question. We are done with that shit. Its an attempt to control the conversation without actually adding to it. Answer the question then ask your own if such is your desire. Questions in response to questions will be deleted as found without warning.

Rule Number 2 - Stay on topic. That being said, there is some huge leeway there. However, if I tell you that you are off topic and you continue to beat the horse expect to see your comments deleted.

Rule Number 3 - Personal attacks on other commenters is strictly verboten. If you aren't sure, don't post it. This hasn't been an issue but it certainly has the potential.

Rule Number 4 - Leave discussion of real world politics in the real world. The virtual Tavern has a no politics rule.

edit: For clarification - there are other places to discuss "real world issues as they may or may not related to gaming" - its not here. We discuss elf games and such here.

Rule Number 5 - I need your help. If you think something needs my attention, you know how to find me.

It actually pains me to post this and none of the above applies even remotely to The Tavern's regular visitors, but lively discussions bring in those that don't know or understand the community's unwritten rules.

Something else to add to the sidebar ;)


  1. Was this in response to Zak S.'s comments? I"m not a huge fan of the fella but even this seems a bit heavy handed.

    1. Rule #1? Yep. The rest? No

      When I told him to answer the question directed at him before any of his later questions would be answered, he stopped commenting. I didn't block him. I didn't delete any comments.

      He lost interest when he no longer could control the direction of the conversation.

      As he has me blocked on G+, and that is the only way you can comment on his blog, I obviously can't participate in conversations in his home turf. I freely allow him to comment here but he will have to abide by the community rules going forward. If this is considered "heavy handed" so be it.

      I don't believe rules 2 through 4 were in direct response to anything he added as a comment.

    2. He did answer the last question, kinda - it was an either or and he just answered "no".
      He would have made a good cop on the witness stand ;)

      Wish that Blogger had notified me. Still, his habit of answering questions with questions lead to Rule #1 - as he only comments here once a year or so, it will rarely need to be invoked. He's only here this time because the topic involves his current bread and butter.

    3. That's amusing, by Zak's own posting rules he trolled you.

    4. I don't have a problem with the Socratic method of argument, but the goal there is product promotion right? Keep the conversation going as long as possible to help get reach and frequency to move product from the shelves? Can't blame a guy for trying to advertise product.

  2. None of these seem terribly severe. I don't comment here an awful lot, but it seems like most of the posts already comply. I guess I'm just saying this is a very user friendly ban hammer warning.

    God, I hope you show mercy to those of us who make jackasses of themselves when they've had one too many! I don't do that every night, but when it happens it, like, HAPPENS.

  3. My Inner Teenager is screaming to to try and break every rule in one post.... Must not.... Must be an adult (mostly).

    On topic, I think these rules fall under Fair and Reasonable. I honestly don't think have broke them. Hope warnings go out if the lines is getting pushed.. :)

    1. My point being, I like it here, a lot. Don't want to step over the line while having a "moment" and loose privileges. Didn't get the feeling that would happen just clarifying.

  4. Re: #4
    Don't invite discussion of real world topics if you don't want them being discussed. I think that's something you rarely do, but that post about the Vampire playtest was GOING to draw comparisons to real world issues, especially with the way you presented the information from the scenario.

    1. The Vampire post did not stray off topic. Gaming, The Ties that Bind - that did.

      Weird how that works.

  5. Message received loud and clear, sir.

  6. Entirely satisfactory rules set.

    Now, you need a contest to design the Tavern's NPC bouncer...

    1. The bouncer must be a troll. Bridge Troll, Cave Troll, really doesn't matter. The bouncer is the only troll allowed in house.

    2. If the guy protecting you from trolls is a troll himself, is that a conflict of interest?

  7. The bouncer is Skeeter Green

  8. So, I have to wear clothes to comment? Just wondering.



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