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Monday, June 19, 2017

FBI Via FOIA Request Releases "Gygax Files" (Delta's D&D Hotspot Blog)

I don't go to Delta's D&D Hotspot Blog often, but when I do - simply wow! Why did I go this morning? Because of a truly confusing and boring (pointless?) article on ENWorld about the history of the Fireball spell in D&D. Damn, so glad I looked at that boring article.

Delta has a nice breakdown of what's contained in the "Gygax Files" and boy, are they interesting. Yep, I am sure Lorraine was the unnamed supervisor doing the telling. Do yourself a favor and visit Delta for the write up.

I'll be visiting Delta more often it seems...

The screenshot above is from Reason.com


  1. A boring and pointless article on ENworld? That pretty much sums up all of them.. of course all the !!!! in the titles make it seem like they are not :)

  2. That certainly throws an illuminating light on the veracity and reliability of FBI reports.

  3. They were afraid he was a serial TPKiller....


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