Friday, July 1, 2016

Swords & Wizardry: Light - Dropping the 3D6 Optional Resolution Method - There's an App for That!

Sometimes you overthink things, especially when you want it to be "right" and cover all bases. Such was the 3d6 hack I was working on for combat and saves for Swords & Wizardry: Light. I wanted to make sure even if the gamers lacked a D20, the material would work for them.

It was going to take up space to explain it and it wasn't going to be a perfect fit, but I was aiming for "close enough"

So, leave it to my sister to come up with the obvious solution.

"There's an app for that, right? I mean, nearly everyone has a smart phone or a tablet and you're expecting folks to have computer access to print copies and distribute. So why not just use an app?"

See, there's a reason she's a published author.

Another example of not seeing the forest for the trees and needing an outsider to point things out.

Yes, there are apps for that. Free apps.

K, time to play on my Android phone ;)


  1. All of which is awesome for those who have app-capable technology. :p Which I do not, and do not want. -shrug- It's less about being old school as it is about being flat-damn-broke. :D

    My way of gaming without dice was for the player to choose a number within the set range (3-18, 1-20, whatever) and tell me their number. I would also have come up with a number in that range. I'd add the two together, subtract the highest number in the range if the total was over this, and that would be their 'roll'. Sure, it relies on a trustworthy DM, but if one doesn't trust their DM to play fair, why do they play with them?

    This dice rolling method took us through many adventures on hiking and camping trips when I was in Scouts, often while we were hiking or camping or doing whatever tasks we had assigned. Just a thought.

    1. you ARE posting online, therefore you have access to this:

  2. If only someone had come up with a way to put dice pips on pencils......

  3. You can get a perfect 1-20 uniform distribution from 2 d6 rolls you just need to do a little math.
    Roll d6 re-roll 6s. Subtract 1. Multiply by 4. Roll another d6 re-rolls 5s and 6s. Add to your first result. Done.

    1. Works even better with a d10/2 +1 and a d4 but what are you doing with a d10 and d4 and no d20 whereas everyone has a couple d6s in their monopoly set.

    2. sadly, that in no way works as an example for a "light" system ;)


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