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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Far West - Late May to Late June is Yet ANOTHER Missed Release Date

Far West. It's getting to the point that I no longer care about seeing the project reach completion. Now, it's all about "how many more excuses and missed delivery dates does Gareth have left in him before he finally admits he has nothing?"

He's about to "wiggle" himself out of the month of June.

This is what I'm supposed to get for my $150:

Now, I MAY at some point see a PDF out of this. Maybe.

Limited Edition hardcover? Please! With what money? Same goes for T-shirt and Art Prints. The money has been spent long ago on none Kickstarter related expenses.

My suspicion? Gareth does not want to release the PDF because then more than 420 folks will be looking for their hardcovers not to mention the more than 460 that will be demanding their t-shirts. Oh, and the art prints.

After nearly 5 years of this shit, I'm beginning to consider my $150 investment a lifetime investment in the drama machine known as Far West, The Gareth Sharka Kickstarter Lifetime Movie Event of the Half Decade.

edit: maybe I could get a Producer credit...


  1. It's probably time to request that refund. You'll probably need to get your attorney general involved ...

  2. Has Gareth ever thought about moving his family away from the Superfund Site they obviously live on to more healthy pastures? I have a life threatening disease and he's seen the doctor more than I have the last five years....

  3. Why in hell would you want your name attached to this product, much less as a producer?

  4. I like the mention of a quick lunch. Nice touch, unless you add up how many quick lunches he's had since this started (around 1,800, give or take). That adds up....hard to get work done with so many quick lunches, I guess.

  5. I suspect Gareth wants little more than to get the thing out in some form. I think he's obsessed with making it perfect in his own eyes to overcome the bad blood he's accumulated. That has little chance of working at this point, unfortunately.

  6. As I have said before, I am glad I got my refund (well down to the pdf level) before Gareth called it quits on giving out refunds. My remaining $10 investment is well worth being an observer to all this drama.

  7. Hey! WE're approaching our 5th anniversary together! Happy Anniversary!!!

  8. Maybe Kenny can offer to Kickstart and film a Far West movie. That might bring in the extra money needed to complete both this and all of Kenny's projects.

  9. My oldest backed project that hasn't come through is Nystul's infinite dungeon... just rounded 4 years

    Woho :)

  10. My oldest backed project that hasn't come through is Nystul's infinite dungeon... just rounded 4 years

    Woho :)



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