Friday, July 29, 2016

For Those Wondering, the Deal with the Gygax Trust Was for Movies / TV Series (Don't hold your breath for the release of gaming material)

There was some wondering if the deal announced Wednesday in regards to the rights to the works held by the estate of Gary Gygax would lead to the release of his work that has not seen print since his untimely death.

After reading the quote from Newsarama, I'd say this is purely for movies / TV, which most suspected when the person names is linked to projects like the Transformers movie franchise.

"Studio or network partners that understand the global power of Gary Gygax." Just don't ask the Lake Geneva City Council for a prime park location for his memorial. They are immune to such influence and power... for now.

So, put the movie or TV series before any kind of gaming releases, if there are to be any gaming releases at all.

Again, it's all about the benjemins. There is little if any money to be made from Gary's work from the gaming market, especially at this point in the game.

I'm sure DeSanto already has something lined up.

It will be interesting to see where this all goes.

And yes, all that Gygax Castles & Crusades stuff you've been holding on to - it may just go up in value. Just imagine of some of it is used to source a setting for a movie of series...


  1. What're the odds any of this sweet Hollywood money makes it into the memorial fund? To paraphrase Ash:

    "Id say the odds are between Jack and Shit, and Jack left town."

    1. Why would people think she's not going to want to profit off of a commercial endeavor.

      The memorial project and the commercial projects are two separate things, with separate accounts and separate goals.

    2. Not saying she wouldn't profit from it, but theres a difference between putting some (even token) percentage towards the memorial fund, and nothing at all.

  2. It seems nobody has told Gygax that most D&D players don't use her late husband's world, but rather their own or Ed Greenwood's.

    1. I reckon it will have more to do with real people playing D&D, leading toward being pulled into the D&D world like that cartoon those years ago, but with more of a Stranger Things vibe.

    2. If by "her late husband's world" you mean Greyhawk, it wouldn't matter anyway. WotC has the rights to it. But Dunfalcon? Who the Hel would care about a Dunfalcon movie?

  3. I had a comment on this bit of news all written up for my blog, but I figured no good could come from it if I published it. I am... pessimistic.

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  6. Now we can finally have that Cyborg Commando movie that we've always dreamed of.


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