Monday, March 7, 2016

It's Official - The Path of Legends Podcast is Live! (Cue "Evil Laugh")

The announcement can now be officially made. The Path of Legends Podcast, a member of the TSR Podcast Network, is now available to download on iTunes or you favorite podcast catcher.

So, what is the Path of Legends Podcast? It's three old school gamers talking about Dungeons & Dragons 5e from the old school perspective. We discuss ways to make 5e play out more like 1e, and even how to bring some 5e elements into your OSR gaming.

Who are the three old dudes? +Vincent Florio , +Sal Valente and myself. If the names look familiar, we were co-hosts on The Brainstorm podcast. Vince and Sal are also co-hosts on Roll For Initiative (where even I have made a guest appearance recently)

We're so legit, you can even leave us your feedback via voicemail ;)   702-744-PATH (7284)

Or email at PathOfLegendsPodcast@gmail.com

Give it a listen as we can only succeed with your feedback.


  1. Downloading now for later listening pleasure.

  2. I'll have to watch this one, for reasons. Heretical reasons.


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