Monday, February 22, 2016

Looking at Possible PubCon Locations in Queens, New York

Damn, the post title looks official ;)

As we head towards the end of February and to March (and therefore closer to me putting down the gun and shield and spending more time with the pen and keyboard) there are a few things to touch upon. Tonight, I'll touch upon the one I hear the questions asked about the most:


I'd like to get an informal PubCon set up for a saturday afternoon in late spring / early summer here in Queens. So far, I've "scouted out" three potential locations:

1 - a local pub (The Grandstand) where I know the owner. We would have to ensure that it's a day they haven't reserved the hosting room. Probably could comfortable fit 50 or so gamers. I'd be happy with a dozen ;) - close to the subway

2 - a Korean BBQ (Unidentified Flying Chickens) place with a dozen beers on tap and a basement that is used for overflow customer seating. Food is good as is the craft beer collection - close to the subway

3 - a local brewery (Finback) with about a dozen taps of it's own brewed beer. Does not serve food but encourages patrons to bring their own. The have board games available for customer use, so they should be open to gaming. Does occasional community events. Probably wouldn't charge for use of their picnic tables - not close to the subway

As I said, if we get this off the ground it would definitely be as informal as possible.


  1. PubCon sounds like a gathering of British football hooligans. You guys will twice as dangerous as that at least :-)

  2. Holy smokes...Korean food and craft beer? /drool....I may need to make a trip up north for that.

  3. I work Saturdays, but I'll try to make it out when it comes up.

  4. If you ever decided to do one outside .. The Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria is a sweet spot. Huge outdoor area with tons of picnic tables , could easily take over a nice section of the outside. Also has large rooms inside. My friends and I have hosted plenty of board game parties there in the past. Here is the link ... http://bohemianhall.com/

  5. That sounds like fun. I'll be on the lookout for more info. The Grandstand looks like it could be a fun place.

  6. I can get a train heading south and be there in an hour 45.

  7. That sounds awesome - would prefer one of the "close to subway" spots - but either way I'll definitely put this in my calendar

  8. I'm usually in NYC one weekend a month... here's hoping that this falls on one of them!

  9. I might be able to swing a day in NYC.


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