Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Creature Compendium only 1 Measly Buck (0e/1e - limited time - PDF)

Has New Big Dragon Games ever released a product that was less than excellent? I think not.

200 creatures for a buck? That's half a cent a monster.

The Creature Compendium is on sale right now for 1 (one) small (inconsequential) buck (dollar) in PDF. Do yourself a favor if you don't already own a copy - grab it now!
Remember those flashes of inspiration
that electrified your brain when
you first picked up that hardback volume
of monsters all those years ago? 
The countless nights you sat up thinking of how to use those monsters,
where to put them, and when your players would meet them? Those unceasing
waves of joy that swam over you and your players as you unleashed
those creatures, critters, beasts and behemoths upon their characters? 
Collected herein are over 200 monsters from Abysmal to Zathoa,
instilled with that same spirit, presented in a “dual-stat” format,
and designed to be used with most early editions of the world’s
original role-playing game and comparable retro-clones.

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